fdu precast products have many advantages:

  • No need for complex formwork on site
  • High accuracy
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easier surface finishing (can be painted or wallpapered immediately)
  • Better planning of construction projects
  • Overall cost reduction

The production process in our factories is largely automated. At the same time, nearly every fdu product is unique – whether it’s a precast ceiling, a precast wall or any other precast part. By using fdu products, customers benefit from both the flexibility of in-situ concrete casting and the simple installation of precasting. The time-consuming part of the construction work is shifted to the factory and can be carried out irrespective of the weather. fdu reduced the total construction time for customers while maintaining exceptional quality.

Our products

Precast ceiling made of reinforced concrete

Precast ceilings

Precast ceilings are the practical alternative to conventional concrete ceilings. A precast ceiling consists of a steel-reinforced concrete slab. Adding in-situ concrete on the construction site creates a monolithic reinforced concrete ceiling.

fdu precast wall made of reinforced concrete with window

Precast walls

Precast walls are made as steel-reinforced semi-finished concrete parts from two precast concrete sheets connected by lattice girders. Analogous to our precast ceilings, in-situ concrete is added on the building site to create a monolithic reinforced concrete wall.

fdu precast concrete parts – example of concrete staircase

Precast concrete parts

We also apply our skills in producing precast ceilings and walls to the production of other custom precast and prefabricated concrete elements. Stairs, balconies, platforms and jamb walls – fdu produces customised solid precast parts and semi-finished parts to meet customer requirements.