Precast walls

Precast walls are steel-reinforced concrete elements. They are composed of two precast concrete slabs, connected by lattice girders. Analogous to precast ceilings, in-situ concrete is added to at the construction site to create a monolithic reinforced concrete wall. The surfaces are very smooth, additional plastering is not necessary.

With our products have many advantages:

  • No need for complex formwork on site
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Easier surface finishing (ready to be painted or wallpapered)

Integrated parts

Customers can choose from a wide range of additional components that fdu can integrate into the precast wall sections. The assembly in the factory saves time on the construction site and increases planning reliability. fdu offers the following built-in components, among others:

  • Windows
  • Reveal frames
  • Electrical sockets and empty conduits
  • Wall penetrations
  • Re-bending connections

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