Why fdu?

Comprehensive solutions for your construction projects

fdu strives to offer exceptional service in every step of the construction process. This includes sales advice, construction planning and delivery logistics.

We employ more technical planners than any other supplier of precast concrete ceilings and walls in the region. These experienced draftsmen help our customers realise even the most ambitious projects with precast concrete products.

fdu’s production capabilities for precast ceilings and walls are unparalleled in Germany. Our modern factories are scattered throughout the country so that we are never far from our customers. We continue to invest in our production facilities in order to deliver the exceptional quality that our customers expect.

Our logistics team organises the delivery for our customers, so that the precast concrete elements arrive at the right time. If desired, we can even arrange crane services for the on-site assembly. fdu coordinates the entire process, leaving the customer free to deal with other issues.


  • 28 production sites in Germany
  • More than 40 sales representatives
  • More than 30 fdu planning offices


  • Planning of building projects with over 180 draftsmen and -women
  • Use of the latest CAD software
  • Structural engineering and other planning services


  • High production capacity
  • Efficient project coordination aided by computer-based processes
  • Reliable quality thanks to experienced employees


  • Reliable delivery due to large capacities
  • Production across Germany with short transport distances
  • Provision of mobile cranes

Our services at a glance

Reliable – Professional – Cooperative

Experienced sales staff throughout Germany ensure that fdu is always close to its customers. In addition, the entire work process is supported by one dedicated contact, who is in regular contact with planners, producers and schedulers.

With over 30 regional sales offices and more than 40 employees in technical sales, we always have a personal contact in your vicinity. You will be supported by the regional teams in our sales office and by our planners and schedulers. We have achieved our goal if you are happy and willing to come back to us for your next project.

75% of our customers have been purchasing precast concrete ceilings, precast concrete walls and other precast elements from fdu for more than 10 years. We are particularly proud of these long-term partnerships and our large number of regular customers.

Your specifications – with appropriate planning

Thanks to over 180 in-house planners in numerous regional offices, we can service even large volumes on short notice.

To facilitate smooth production, optimal planning of the precast ceilings, precast walls and other precast products is required. Our construction parts must meet customer requirements and also be suitable for industrial production at the same time. For this we rely on the many years of experience of our employees and the latest technology.

We are present throughout Germany. More than 180 in-house planners in over 30 planning offices develop customised precast solutions for our customers. We use the latest CAD technology, which provides us with both fast planning and comprehensive quality management. If necessary, we can also draw on a network of tried and tested cooperation partners for planning.

Structural engineering

On the basis of the structural engineering information and design plans provided by the customer, we draw up the dimensions of the required precast concrete elements, such as precast ceilings and balconies, precast walls and staircases.

Efficient production – with experience and modern technology throughout Germany

The production capacities of our factories are extraordinary. Our locations are also distributed throughout Germany, so that the route to the building site is always as short as possible.
Ever since fdu was founded, we have invested continuously in our production facilities so that we are always at the cutting edge of technology for our customers. Modern systems and the experience of our employees ensure high levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Over recent decades, we have consistently increased the number of our production facilities. Through modernisation and acquisitions, we now have an annual production capacity of around 9 million m² for precast ceilings, 1.8 million m² for precast walls and around 120,000 metric tons for other precast concrete parts.

On the initiative of fdu, the leading CAD, MES, PPS and ERP software providers in the precast parts industry came together in 2016 and founded the IFC4precast working group under the umbrella of buildingSMART e.V.

IFC4precast develops open, industry-wide standards for interfaces to advance digitization and the BIM process in the precast industry.

Delivered on time – directly to the building site

After agreeing on a date with our schedulers, we deliver the precast ceilings, precast walls and precast concrete parts directly to the building site. The regional distribution of our production sites and high warehouse capacities allow short transport distances and flexibility in delivery.
fdu customers receive over 70,000 deliveries of our products every year – a huge logistical achievement that requires coordination. Every precast element must be delivered on time to avoid delays on the construction site. We therefore start planning delivery as soon as an order is placed. Usually, our products are manufactured at the fdu production site that is closest to the building site.
With customers all over Germany, we  work with established partners in the respective regions for the delivery logistics. Our experience allows us to achieve high cost-effectiveness. We currently have a professional network of over 150 regional shipping and logistics partners that deliver our products on time.
A forklift loads precast ceiling elements onto a lorry


fdu customers are supplied with precast concrete elements more than 70,000 times a year. This is equivalent to about 270 deliveries per day.


Our yearly deliveries weigh about 1 million tonnes in total. This is about 100 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Provision of mobile cranes

We can arrange for mobile cranes to unload the products on the building site and assist with the on-site installation. We coordinate the details directly with our crane service provides. As a result, our customers do not have to communicate with several service providers.

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kvn mobile crane on a building site lifts precast ceilings and walls